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The only fully robotic radiosurgery delivery system.

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The only fully robotic Radiation Delivery system

Clinically-proven and non-invasive, the CyberKnife® System uses state-of-the-art robotic technology combined with real-time image guidance to deliver precisely-targeted radiation to cancerous and non-cancerous lesions almost anywhere in the body. Real-time tumour tracking enables the delivery of high doses of radiation with sub-millimetre accuracy, sparing surrounding healthy tissue and organs without the need for invasive immobilisation devices.

5D Clinics is home to Australia’s only private CyberKnife® facility and is proud to be the country’s first dedicated cranial and body stereotactic radiation therapy treatment centre. The medical team at 5D Clinics comprises experienced Radiation Oncology specialists Professor David Joseph, Dr Sean Bydder and Dr Colin Tang, all experts in prescribing advanced radiation therapy techniques using the CyberKnife® System.