For Patients

We care about your experience from the first moment we meet.


Your six-step treatment journey

  • For Patients

    Obtain a referral

    Ask your GP or specialist to provide you with a referral to one of our 5D Clinics Radiation Oncologists. Medical information such as scans and pathology results will be useful to include with the referral.

  • For Patients

    Book your consultation

    Call us to schedule a consultation with one of our Radiation Oncologists. The initial consultation will include a discussion regarding your condition, eligibility for treatment, and if treatment is recommended, your specific treatment protocol.

  • For Patients

    Planning scan

    If CyberKnife® treatment is recommended, you will require a planning scan. This will be scheduled by our clinical team, with a Radiological service. We will contact you with the date and time of your scan and treatments.

  • For Patients

    Building your treatment plan

    5D Clinics team of specialists formulate the safest and most effective CyberKnife® treatment plan, specifically tailored and unique to each patient, and integral to maximising treatment efficacy.

  • For Patients

    Receiving your treatment

    CyberKnife® treatment is provided at 5D Clinics in Claremont, Perth, Western Australia. Treatment will take between 30-60 minutes. Since treatments are non-invasive with no immediate side effects, if you plan to drive, you will be able to drive to and from each appointment.

  • For Patients

    Post treatment care

    Our team will schedule a Treatment Review consult with your Radiation Oncologist after your last treatment. This enables you to ask questions and to see how you are feeling. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled at regular intervals following completion of treatment.

What to expect


Your treatment experience.

Treatments typically take anywhere between 30-60 minutes. Once treatment is finished, patients are able to leave the clinic and continue with their normal activities.


At 5D Clinics, we understand that radiosurgery treatment can be scary.

Our team are on hand to make your patient journey as easy and comforting as possible. Patients coming in for their first treatment will be guided through the process by trained Radiation Therapy treatment staff, who are also available to answer any queries.


Once in the treatment room, patients will be positioned comfortably on the treatment couch.

Once in position, Radiation Therapy staff leave the room to configure the final elements of the robotic treatment program.


Radiation Therapy staff will be in constant contact with you throughout your treatment.

Cameras and a microphone in the treatment room enable patients to communicate with Radiation Therapy staff at all times. During treatment, the Robot will move around the patient, stopping at numerous, pre-defined points to deliver beams of radiation. Patients will not see or feel anything whilst the radiation is being delivered.


Expectations Post Treatment.

In the months following completion of your treatment program, patients should expect follow up appointments with our doctors at regular intervals.