About CyberKnife®

Clinically proven and non-invasive.

CyberKnife® has helped thousands of people around the world.

CyberKnife® delivers high dose beams of radiation with extreme precision to treat tumours and other lesions anywhere in the body.

How Does it Work?

CyberKnife® is the only fully robotic radiation delivery system. This is critical in allowing the delivery of precisely targeted radiation beams from many different directions.

Known as Stereotactic Radiosurgery, the CyberKnife® system can deliver a high dose of radiation directly to a tumour or lesion with sub-millimetre accuracy, while minimising radiation to nearby healthy organs and tissue.

What do we treat at 5D Clinics?

Patient eligibility for CyberKnife® is determined following a thorough consultation with one of our highly experienced Radiation Oncologists.

Our 5D Clinics specialists work closely with your existing medical team to determine whether CyberKnife® treatment is right for you in the following areas: Brain Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Liver Cancer, Kidney Cancer, and Metastatic Disease (Oligometastatic Disease).

The Technology


The CyberKnife® System uses state of the art robotic technology combined with real-time image guidance to deliver precisely targeted radiation to cancerous and non-cancerous lesions almost anywhere in the body.

Photo credit: Jon Green (Self portrait while receiving treatment – 5D Clinics)


Advantages of CyberKnife®

  • The CyberKnife® System is clinically proven to be effective.
  • Treatments with the CyberKnife® System are non-invasive and pain free.
  • Treatment with the CyberKnife® System is typically completed in 1 to 5 treatment sessions.
  • Treatment times with the CyberKnife® System vary depending upon the size and type of tumour being treated.
  • Most treatments typically last 30 – 60 minutes.
  • The exceptional accuracy of the CyberKnife® System spares healthy tissue and organs.
  • During and immediately following treatment courses with the CyberKnife® System, most patients can continue usual daily activities.
  • In some cases, CyberKnife® radiosurgery may be an alternative to traditional surgery. It does not require anaesthesia or an overnight hospital stay, and eliminates the recovery time and risks associated with surgery.
  • Due to its ability to precisely target tumours, the CyberKnife® System can provide a safe radiation treatment option even for some previously irradiated patients.
  • Image guidance capabilities of CyberKnife® enable tracking of tumours that move with respiration.

The Treatment Experience


Your treatment experience.

Treatments typically take anywhere between 30-60 minutes. Once treatment is finished, patients are able to leave the clinic and continue with their normal activities.


At 5D Clinics, we understand that radiosurgery treatment can be scary.

Our team are on hand to make your patient journey as easy and comforting as possible. Patients coming in for their first treatment will be guided through the process by trained Radiation Therapy treatment staff, who are also available to answer any queries.


Once in the treatment room, patients will be positioned comfortably on the treatment couch.

Once in position, Radiation Therapy staff leave the room to configure the final elements of the robotic treatment program.


Radiation Therapy staff will be in constant contact with you throughout your treatment.

Cameras and a microphone in the treatment room enable patients to communicate with radiation therapy staff at all times. During treatment, the Robot will move around the patient, stopping at numerous, pre-defined points to deliver beams of radiation. Patients will not see or feel anything whilst the radiation is being delivered.


Expectations Post Treatment.

In the months following completion of your treatment program, patients should expect follow up appointments with our doctors at regular intervals.