July 1, 2021

Andy’s Story

Diagnosis: Prostate Cancer
Andy’s Story

As a fit and healthy male in my 50’s, I worked hard at keeping in shape, with a balance of lifestyle and fitness while still enjoying a few beers on the weekends. I took up cycling with a mate and changed my diet and was really feeling great. 

I went to my doctor around my birthday each year from the age of 54 to have a thorough check up. Everything was perfect except my PSA was higher than normal. I had regular PSA tests for 6 years which showed a slight elevation until the decision was made to have an MRI and consult a Urologist.  

After several biopsies it was confirmed – I had prostate cancer. At 59 years of age, fit, healthy and not experiencing any symptoms the diagnosis hit me like a freight train! 

I investigated several treatment options, but they all seemed daunting with side effects I wasn’t comfortable with.  

My experience with 5D Clinics was easy and efficient. I spoke with the Radiation Oncologist and other staff in great depth about CyberKnife® treatment. I did my own research as well to be sure this was the option I wanted to go with.   

Once I had decided to go ahead with this treatment, things moved along quickly and smoothly from having the gold marker seeds implanted, the SpaceOAR procedure, MRI and CyberKnife® treatment starting some five days later.  

The treatment itself was painless, and over within 40 minutes each time.  

After my three-month PSA test post treatment, I am ecstatic to say my PSA has dropped considerably and I’m feeling great.

I am so grateful I came across this treatment and would encourage all men to have regular check-ups and carefully consider all treatment options available.